So, my first hilarious tidbit of news in the New Year comes from CNN, courtesy of my friend Rachel. While we greatly enjoyed the news that the Adult Entertainment industry is seeking a federal bailout and delighted in reading the comments that were either awesomely nerdy dirty jokes (“stimulus package” indeed) or self-righteous and indignant to the point of hilarity, there was one point of serious contention for us.


I have no issue with Larry Flynt’s claim that, “Americans can do without cars and such but they cannot do without sex”; more power to you Larry Flynt, Social Scientist extraordinaire. But let’s be serious Larry, “People are too depressed to be sexually active”, really? Really?!? Unemployment is like carte blanche to have sex aaaaaaaaaall day long.


In fact, I think that we, as tax payers, should fully support this most recent bailout proposal. Forget worrying about the endowments of Universities with top MBA programs, fund the porn! The next generation of financial leaders is being conceived right now, as we speak, because all of their high powered, recently unemployed, financier daddys-to-be have nothing better to do all day than get it on. So get moving Henry Paulson, we have our long-term economic futures to think of here!