And we're by

And we're by

Alright, so some might say I neglected/ failed /flat out forgot to blog for six weeks because I am more or less a lazy bum. Some might say that, but I like to think I was making an important statement with my silence…I just haven’t entirely worked out what that statement was yet. 

  Thank you very much twenty-first century, for creating a world where, by email, text, facebook status, tweet, and blog, I can boldly proclaim to the world – “World…I don’t particularly have anything interesting to say.”

Not to worry though, friends, that fact has never slowed me down before!


 The straightforward lesson learned is that I am a simpleminded sort. And while I am frequently ensorcelled by new technologies, between my twitterpation and my smart phone swoonery, good old fashioned blogging accidentally fell through the cracks.