May 2009

To: The CoWorker commonly referred to as “Wheezy”

From: The rest of the office


It is bad enough when you laugh — god knows — and I don’t know who you’re on the phone with but, please, SHUT UP! Because I’ll bet they have a PhD and, in spite of the wealth of stupid PhDs I know, I am going to go ahead and guarantee that they are smarter than you. And even if, by some miraculous little chance, you happen to be right about this,  it has been 25 minutes — I beg you — STOP YELLING!

Photo by furryscalyman via flickr

Photo by furryscalyman via flickr

The first day back from a holiday weekend is hard, harder still if you are the kind of bum who calls in sick on the Friday before a long weekend (I am). So rather than answer the ridiculous number of emails in your inbox (I’m not) or continuing trying to drink your iced coffee by scotch taping the straw rather than getting up to get a new one (I am, and it isn’t working very well), why not consider some interesting ladies in the world and around the web and leave the “working” until after your second post mid-morning coffee break?

1) In a move that the Huffington Post called “stunning”  and Hot Air calls a lot of things that don’t add up to the the nomination of a “thoughtful jurist”  President Obama announced Sonia Sotomayor as his pick to replace Justice Souter

2) Love her or hate her, Hilary Clinton made news this weekend not only by receiving an honorary doctorate from her Ivy League alma mater but also by extending benefits and protections to the same-sex partners of American diplomats.

3) It is not a secret that I am obsessed with Manohla Darghis. In a strange move that can only be explained by gross understaffing in the newsroom, the Times has accidentally assigned Manohla a story about something she doesn’t totally loathe. While the result lacks a certain amount of the acerbic wit and anti-romcom venom I love her for, you can check out her, still excellent, coverage of Cannes here and here.

4) And from the blogosphere I can’t resist giving love to Sweet Machine over at Shapely Prose who I adore not only for taking her name from a Doty poem but also for posting a genius piece yesterday on queering her mirror. Or if “a physical fight between the mother of a cripple and a woman wearing a pair of bedazzled sunglasses” is more your thing, I encourage you to checkout ANYTHING by the hilarious bird (or her hilarious partner in crime) at 2 Birds 1 Blog (

5) If loud mouthed opinionated and hilarious women aren’t your thing (you probably stopped reading like…335 words ago) check out a lady who doesn’t talk back…because she is made of plastic! Rebecca Rubin is the newest American Girl and a New Yorker to boot – so come to think of it, plastic or not, she probably can’t be counted on to keep her mouth shut.

6) And speaking of noisey in New York, check out Janet McTeer, Harriet Walter, Jane Alexander, Allison Janney, Alice Ripley, Tovah Feldshuh, Angela Lansbury and Liza Minnelli not to mention Kristin Scott Thomas, Stockard Channing, Olympia Dukakis and a whole host of other awesome Broadway ladies this season.

7) Last but not least, I give you a lovely lady of days gone by. The Times ran a sweet piece over the weekend on some wartime mementos of the late (great) Donna Reed.