Mondays are hard. I’ve chugged coffee, I’ve padded around the office barefoot, I’ve failed to understand simple sentences and instead mistaken them for a description of a complicated game that involves writing on your toes with someone on the West Coast…Mondays are hard. So rather than form sentences I give you, Status Messages I have Loved and one truism from the interwebs…Happy Monday!

Taylor –  i feel fairly certain that if i don’t get jai ho out of my head in time for work tomorrow, the sarahs of STONC will end my life.
Hilarious, true.


This has been his status message for a good long time now. It is hard to tell whether it is funniest a) because of its subject matter b) because of the obvious and longstanding excitement surrounding the cause or c) because of the hilarious picture of him looking truly thrilled about this noble cause that pops up next to his status message. It’s probably c), and you are just going to have to take my word for it.

This one is technically Mine. As usual it pilfers the cleverness of others, because I don’t do funny on Monday mornings –

Rachel:  a fly just drowned in the grease of my sandwich

me:  mmmmmmmm

Rachel:  i think this is a sign it’s going to be a beautiful day

And finally I leave you with a profound truth from the ladies over at Men Are Easy, I Need a Nap :

“McCarren Park will soon, again, turn into the cesspool of pasty exs and tattooed one night stands sitting on the grass, smoking grass or drinking margaritas out of styrofoam cups from The Turkey’s Nest”

So true! Happy Monday