So, with my Master’s Thesis handed in and (hopefully) being reviewed as we speak…I’ve suddenly realized that I’m leaving for Thailand really REALLY soon! In fact, I’ll be boarding a plane bound for Hong Kong a week from tomorrow to eventually land in Bangkok on the afternoon (local time) of Friday, May 6.

Thanks to a handy Barnes & Noble deal on Frommer’s Guides last month, I’ve been able to do a lot of intense subway pondering on the subject of Thailand recently. On top of that, a friend of a good friend sent me an AWESOMELY detailed email with a list of his favorite things to do from when he lived in Thailand and last week New York magazine very helpfully ran a travel feature on Bangkok (Thanks guys!!) So I’m starting to feel like I have some sense of the lay of the land. We’ll get several days off in Bangkok and a weekend off to travel in between our volunteering activities, so suggestions and advice will still be gratefully accepted from those in the know!

Aside from the pre-travel research (the part I like best, of course, because I am a gigantic nerd), I’ve at least started to make some headway in the practical/planning/packing department. Sort of.

My vaccinations, with one exception, are all finished (Take that Japanese Encephalitis!!) and the FBI, for better or   worse, has decided that I am not a dangerous criminal or even a particularly  suspect individual (Fools!! No, I’m just kidding….FBI if you are reading this I’m JUST KIDDING, there is nothing to be concerned about, I swear), so all that stuff is squared away.

This week I need to focus on packing (eep!) and on trying to get as much stuff as is humanly possible done for the arts non-profit where I work before I go. ‘Cause you know what’s worse than a control-freak, worry wort, busy body Director of Education? A control-freak, worry wort, busy body Director of Education leaving the country 2 days before a weekend of performances and with just a month to go before a MAJOR round of auditions! I’m sure that all of the staff and students involved are just LOVING this new and improved level of crazy!   

Besides that I am just trying desperately to wrap things up at work (yes, Informa folk, if you are reading this I WILL remember to pay you before I leave….well, I’ll try anyway) and then trying to picture what an inbox with two and a half weeks of unread mail looks like. Crap!